Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Entre la espada y la pared

So the projects are going ok but not great. It seems like everything has stood still for about a week when I feel I've been working non-stop. I'm trying to move the concept of the community tour operator forward and find myself needing a bit of guidance at times that is not completely accessible all the time. My collegues are super busy working on their own projects (their deadlines are tougher than mine right now), so I'm putting together budgets and concepts kind of ad-hoc. Hopefully it will all come together shortly.

But, I did have a good day today as I hiked the Sendero Padre Nuestro again today and visited pretty much all of the project sites in one day! I went with this tour operator that wants to commercialize a route packaging several of the projects together, and while I'm skeptical for the well being of the communities (because he is a tour operator who is looking for his own interest after all, and he is also asking for exclusivity rights of the route - which can potentially jeopardize some things), I felt good today because these people have been promised for years that they would be getting tourists and they are yet to see a good amount to sustain themselves - so this is an opportunity for them. I just have to look after the communities to make sure they play their cards right.

SO yes, today was a good day even though I am smelly, tired and got stung by a wasp on my face.

Tomorrow should be a good day too... I am meeting with community leaders for the first time. I am definitely scared because I have not been able to discuss this with higher up people - but I had no option as everyone is busy or unavailable and the meeting was put together by the own communities! I am pretty confident meeting with communities, but in the DR I have no clue what to expect ... I'll just expect the worst (that they rebel against me which has happened before in Honduras!). if anything better happens it will be a good thing.

Oh.. here are some cool pictures from today... (if you don't see them now I'll try re-posting them later)

Over and out

Barco de pesca artesanal de Bayahibe

Ella es una de las guias del Parque Padre Nuestro, y ensena un diseno taino...ven la carita?

Las chicas del taller artesano CUSECO de Villas Padre Nuestro
Mi amigo el lagarto. Aparentemente la especie se llama Lucia.

No es chiste... se filmo una pelicula porno en este arbol. Le dicen el arbol del amor.

Esto es dentro de la Cueva del Chicho...

Ella es una de las candidatas a Gerente de la empresa

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