Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Note: This is an entry I had saved as a draft for about a month now :( I have not made a single Bento lunch since this post.... sad I know

I mostly talk about work-related stuff in this Blog...but I can't help it, I MADE MY FIRST BENTO lunch today so I must write about it. (Google es tu amigo! Si no sabes lo que es BENTO buscalo)
I've been researching lots about Bento lunches and I've been eager to actually do something with all the research (and PURCHASES - food container, cookie cutters, sushi kit, etc) I've een doing.
So last night I put aside everything and spent 3 hours in the kitchen cooking in the Dominican heat with the dogs bothering me for "treats" (dogS because I'm dogsitting a friend's dog who is keeping Lilly company).
I went ALL out and made lunches for a whole week. Let me just get right to it and show you pictures of my creations:
So I started out by cutting up all my veggies with cookie cutters to use in a bunch of recipes (I'm a vegetarian so the veggies are a must)

Then I cut up a couple of potatoes...let's just say I used the romantic cut rather than jullienne. (the photos are in reverse chronological order, but you get the idea... I cut up the shapes and placed them in these small oven containers. I also made a bechamel cheesy sauce and poured them over the potatoes to make "papas gratinadas") I froze these little suckers and I'll stick 1 the oven tomorrow morning for lunch :

I also made some Animal Shaped stove-top frittatas. I mixed up one egg with some small cut veggies a little bit of salt and pepper and some parm cheese. I placed the cookie cutters on the pan and poured the mix inside each of the cutters. This was a bit of a mess but I'll keep practicing.

I also made some brown rice and indian chickpea daal. All quite yummy. These are the pics of my Bento Lunch :) So proud