Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recovering Mode

Summary of the past few weeks:
New workplan
New objectives
Friends visiting

So work has been going well. I'm excited about having some new things to focus on but I've really just been organizing myself and wrapping up some loose strings from the past project "attempt".
What I've really been excited about has been having a full house for the past few weekends.
Two weekends ago Eric and Lucia (friends/colleagues) came to visit. We had a few other people over and had a grand ol' time BBQ'ing, playing dominoes, drinking beers, bitching about life, watching football and tennis, and not thinking too much about work.
This past weekend one of my favorite peeps, Aaron, visited from Philly/Nashville and brought over a few other cool friends as well. We had been planning the trip for a while, and apparently I planned well cause its been a few days and my voice is still not fully recovered and my body is in shut down mode. We partied, tanned, partied, hiked, hung out, swam in caves, hung out, hit a few golf balls, chilled, went to a shooting range, chilled, had a few drinks - just a few, danced, went to a turtle hatchery, and others which I am likely not to remember. OH…there was cigar smoking as well. I tried but given that I really don’t look too hot doing so - Aaron just smoked all the tobacco in the DR. My Peace Corps friend Dilana was also over with puppy and boyfriend and all - so fun! So yeah…it was a great weekend.
Although….. I am a bit sad cause my friend Marisabel got married in PR this weekend and I could not go! I felt really bad about it but there was not much I could do… but I am super happy for her and need to remember to get her a wedding gift (nice little reminder to myself).
This weekend I'm going to Santo Domingo to hang out with Lucia and maybe Ashley if she is around (another friend/colleague) and talk work as always.

So next entry I promise to be a bit more thoughtful… but I think my brain cells are still coming back from the weekend so this is the best I could do this time around. Hopefully the Spanish will come back to me by then as well...

El "coro" de visita este ultimo wiken
O como le decian las dominicanas, "el grandulon"

La balsa de flores la paso de show este fin de semana...
Al final del wiken el carrito de golf quedo hecho trozitos...

Cuidao que ando con un rifle. En una de esas me emocione pq le di a un disco yo solita sin la ayuda de Don Antonio (el coach) y empeze a brincar como loca con la pistola...sin el "safety" (que no se ni donde esta, pero eso fue lo que me dijeron). De mas esta decir que al corillo por poco le da un ataque de corazon.

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